Frequently Asked Questions Curanice Rentals: Villa & Apartments

Prices & booking

Q: How do i know if an accommodation is available in a certain period?
A: Go to the page “All Properties” and select the accommodation that you’re interested in by clicking on it. This is the accommodation page, below the big photo you will find the menu, with a tab “Availability”, here you will find an up to date calendar.

Q: When is my booking final?
A: When you go through the steps of the booking process, you eventually come to the step where a deposit is requested, this concerns 20% of the total sum. When this deposit has been received by us, your booking is final. With a credit card payment, the payment is made immediately and the reservation is therefore final right away. In case of a bank transfer, we first must have received the deposit and confirmed it by email (usually within 1 day after receipt of payment).

Q: When is the payment due?
A: When booking on the website, a deposit of 20% of the total sum is requested. The remaining payment must be made no later than 14 days before the day of arrival.

Q: What amount is required as a deposit?
A: For all accommodations a fixed amount of € 200,- euro’s deposit is requested. After you have checked out and everything is in order, you will receive it back within 7 days

Q: What days and times can I arrive and depart?
A: It is possible to arrive and depart 7 days a week. The check-in is on the day of arrival after 15:00 and the check-out on the day of departure before 11:00. An earlier check-in or later check-out is possible in consultation, the costs are € 25,-.

Q: How does it work if I want to cancel the trip?
A: If you cancel the trip, for reasons not related to Covid-19, this is possible, but the 20% deposit will be counted as costs.

The accommodations and the resort

Q: Are one of the apartments also suitable to stay with children?
A: There are two apartments, both of which have 2 bedrooms, and there is also a camping bed and a high chair (on request) available. We do, however, find the apartments less suitable for small children. For example, the swimming pool, located directly behind the apartments, is not fenced, the deepest part is about 180 cm. In addition, the terraces of the apartments are not fenced either and there are all kinds of (small) stairs and steps. We think it is important to be honest and transparent about this, so that you can enjoy a pleasant and safe holiday.

Q: Is the villa suitable to stay with children?
A: There is also a camping bed and high chair available for the villa, but perhaps this villa is less suitable for small children. For example, the pool is not fenced and there are several steps and steps. Of course you can stay there with children, but perhaps these are things to take into account, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Why are the prices excluding electricity and water?
A: If we were to apply a general standard rate, one guest pays too much and the other too little. You might be conscious about the use, another guest likes to take a shower 4 times a day and leave the air conditioning running day and night. Because we take up the meter readings together with you at check-in and check-out, you only pay for what you have actually used. We find this more fair and more transparent than a standard rate.

Q: How much electricity and water costs can I expect?
A: Electricity and water costs depend entirely on your own use. With normal use, i.e. showering once a day and turning on the air conditioning before going to sleep and then turning on the fan, you will spend on average between € 2.00 - € 3.00 per day for 2 people in the studio. This may be higher for the apartments and the villa.

Q: Is it possible to be picked up from the HATO airport?
A: Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to do airport pick-ups. Since Covid-19 there are strict rules regarding the drop-off and pick-up of people at HATO. Fortunately, there are always taxis ready and our accommodations are only about a 10-minute drive away.

Q: Is it necessary to rent a car?
A: We recommend renting a car, most locations on Curaçao are not all in the same area, in addition, our accommodations are located on a hill, hence the view. There are small supermarkets within walking distance and you could also walk to Otrabanda, but a car is recommended.

Q: Do you have any tips for car rental?
A: Yes, we do! If you are interested in renting a car, please contact us at:


Q: What are the current travel restrictions, restrictions on the island, testing requirements and Covid-19 matters?
A: Please always check within your own countries government made policies. Hereby a link for more information:

Q: What happens if there are (travel) restrictions due to Covid-19?
A: If travel restrictions are imposed, for example a code red for Curaçao is issued or a general lockdown is announced, you will receive 100% of your payment back. We like to be flexible in this, we understand that Corona can bring uncertainties. Of course you can rebook your trip to another period free of charge, so that you can enjoy your holiday at a later time.

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